Matt Thewes: “Don’t lose hope”

ThewesAs dozens of the military students can relate to, I came to the education center to seek help in getting my degree. The local Fort Bragg Excelsior rep was recommended to me by the Education Office folks at Pope AFB. As the current Fort Bragg Excelsior College rep, I see many people come to my office daily in that same position. I tell them not to lose hope. I’m sure my story can inspire others.

Essentially I had over 150 credits between military and civilian, but no degree! After my evaluation I only needed a few upper level credits (again something most people need when they come to my office). I took my courses locally and completed my degree in 2002. Now if you pay attention to the years that I’ve included note that Sept 11, 2001 changed our world forever and after that everyone starting going on deployments as we postured for war and retaliated.

During my time I’ve gone on 7 military deployments and did 1 year in Korea. I was able to use the flexibility of Excelsior to complete my bachelor’s degree then work towards my master’s degree which I completed in 2011 through Liberty University. Included with the busy work/deployment schedule, I am also married with 3 children. I am and have always been an active volunteer and try to donate my time whenever possible.

The bottom line here is that if I can complete a degree you can complete a degree. Whether deployed, saturated with 60 hour work weeks, or running all over town with children, Excelsior has you covered.

Matt Thewes, Air Force retired