Center for Military and Veteran Education Webinar Series


You’re Home – What’s Next? Series

The Pathway to a Career in Criminal Justice (2-3-2016)
This webinar reviews the skills and knowledge needed for careers in criminal justice, state and federal governments, and military. During the webinar, you’ll learn how your military experience, police training and prior education may qualify toward college credits.  Excelsior’s criminal justice experts will explore a number of topics, including associate, bachelor, and master degree program requirements, criminal justice training assessment directory and the advantages of combining experience and education.

Veterans:  A Pathway to a Supportive BSN Degree
The bachelor of science in nursing degree program offers veterans, National Guard and Reserves an experienced faulty mentor, dedicated academic advisors, and course content to increase awareness of the healthcare needs of military personnel, veterans, and their families. You will learn how your military experience and prior education may qualify toward college credits.

Using Your Post-9/11 VA Education Benefit
VA Representative discusses process and tips for using your Post 9/11 GI Bill.  Marine Veteran student provides insightful tips for getting started in attending college and using VA benefits.

Veteran Strategies for College Success
Topics covered include time management, learning styles, veteran mentorship for online colleges and traditional colleges.  Cohosted by Excelsior College and Marist College.

Demonstrate Your Value in the Civilian Job Market
Transition challenges discussed covering: career self-assessment, transferable skills, translating your military occupation and skills, creating an elevator speech, co-presented by career services and veteran services.

Veteran and Military Friendly Degrees
Excelsior College degrees are discussed that are accepting of military credits in the schools of business and technology, liberal arts, health sciences and nursing.

How to Improve Your Writing
Highlights the Online Writing Lab (OWL), Smarthinking and Grammarly as well as advice to veteran students preparing for college after being away from academia for a long period of time.

Get LinkedIn to Your Career Network
LinkedIn introduced and relates statistics and hiring trends, and creating a LinkedIn profile illustrated.  The purpose of professional groups and job search features are highlighted.  LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site.

Your Pathway to a Career in Nursing
Did you know that your training and experience as a military corpsman can be the gateway to a rewarding career as a registered nurse? Today, more than 1,500 military personnel and veterans are pursuing an associate degree in nursing from Excelsior College’s accredited competency-based program that is delivered at a distance.

Jump Start Your College and Career Success
The one hour webinar features four Excelsior College experts who will focus on topics from the college’s two premier courses on college success: CCS 112 Success Strategies for Military and Veterans and CCS 120 EC Success Seminar.   Topics covered:  Easing transition back to academic life, getting the most of your non-traditional credits, state and federal financial aid and VA benefits, career exploration, planning, job search techniques, and student support services.

Other Webinars

Advanced Business Degrees for Veterans and Military Personnel Webinar hosted by School of Business and Technology
This webinar is for students in the Associate of Applied Science in Administrative/Management, and Associate of Science in Business who are looking to go onto a bachelor?s degree in business in the future. The Bachelor of Professional Studies in Business and Management and the Bachelor of Science in Business are explained as well as the Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

Suicide Prevention
Dr. Joseph Hunter, NYS VA Suicide Prevention Coordinator, provides information on importance, identifying signs of a person considering suicide, myths and misinformation, statistics, and using the S.A.V.E. method.

Understanding and Preventing Suicide by Dr. Lisa Firestone 9-18-2012
Provided by The Glendon Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and enhancing mental health.  Dr. Firestone provides facts, misconceptions, warning signs, narratives of suicidal individuals, helper tasks, and action plans to make a difference.

Military Culture for Faculty
This webinar is about raising faculty awareness of the nuances of military culture and the challenges that can affect a military or veteran student’s ability to be a successful student.    There are several videos that supplement this topic.

One video, NCOA Career Expo, was unable to be seen by the participants unless they clicked on the link:  You will watch the first 1 minute and 43 seconds of the NCOA Career Expo video which appears on slide 8 to understand the difficulty veterans have translating their military occupation and skills to civilian employers.

NOTE: If you do NOT click the link for the NCOA Career Expo when on slide 8, you will have 1 minute and 43 seconds of silence.