Degree Pathways at Excelsior College


Credit for what you’ve done in the past

Excelsior grants a higher number of transfer credits, from more different sources, than most U.S. colleges. You can apply as many as 117 transfer credits toward a bachelor’s degree, leaving with you just a handful of credits to finish your degree. In addition to transferring credits you’ve earned through coursework from other accredited colleges, you may be able to get academic credit for college-level learning acquired outside the classroom. You may already be close to a degree, once you add up all the credits you’ve earned via:

  • Transfer credits for past college courses: Excelsior’s liberal transfer policies enable you to get maximum credit for your previous college work.
  • Military training: Excelsior accepts more than 50,000 credits for military training each year—one reason we’re known as one of the nation’s most military-friendly colleges.
  • Professional certifications: Provide your certifications and you may be able to get Excelsior academic credit for your RN’s license, IT certifications, or other professional credential or corporate training.
  • Proficiency exams: Contact an Excelsior admissions counselor to see if you can get credit for proficiency exams you’ve passed, including UExcel, CLEP, and AP exams.

Ways to earn new college credit

Excelsior College offers convenient, affordable ways to earn new credits, giving you the flexibility you need to finish your degree. You can earn new credits from any combination of online courses, credit-bearing exams, and portfolio-based projects. And with Excelsior’s distance-learning model, you can take courses and exams when they fit most conveniently into your schedule. It all adds up to maximum flexibility, allowing you to balance your education with work and family responsibilities.

  • Excelsior College courses: Our courses are available 24/7 online. Courses are scheduled on a rotating eight-week basis, so you can slot them into your life at the most convenient times—perfect for balancing school with work and family.
  • Credit by exam: Save time and money by earning a full course’s worth of credits in a single exam. Pass the exam, and you earn full course credit—and move toward a degree quickly and affordably. Dozens of courses can be completed via Excelsior College Exams and other types of credit-bearing exams.
  • Portfolio-based assessment: Speak with your Academic Advisor to convert work experience, community service, and other life experiences into college-level credit.

Your Pathway

Your path will most likely include a combination of these pathways. As a Veteran, you may be looking to convert your military training to college credit, transfer credits you earned before and while you were enlisted, use CLEP® tests you took while in the service – the possibilities are endless and the mix will be unique to your situation. Excelsior College has been serving Veterans since 1971. We’d be proud to be your choice and help you along your pathway to college completion.